about massArt

who we are
a non-profit organization conceived in june 2022 with the objective of promoting Art and culture of bengal. run by a team of motivated, experienced, traditionally rooted and technologically enabled professionals. registered under the west bengal societies registration act 1961.

what we do
seek out, support and showcase indigenous and contemporary Art, culture and heritage and amplify their reach, acting as a bridge between creative talent and an appreciative community, at home and abroad.

our aim

  • to bring all segments of Art under a cultural hub
  • to promote key expressions of culture, Art and creativity among a wider audience f to enable the artists to develop a relationship with the Art faculty at large and enrich their knowledge base beyond their confines
  • to rediscover and nurture forgotten creative and performative traditions
  • to increase Art-consciousness in society through workshops and other inclusive programmes
  • to attract international attention to indigenous Art, culture and heritage, triggering a positive economic impact