"A land of spectacular natural beauty, the entire district of Purulia boasts rocky yet green landscapes, rugged hills, red earth, forests of brilliantly red palash flowers, as well as relics of ancient buildings and temples. Its culture is infused with the ethos of the many tribes who still live here, such as the Santhals, Kurmis, and Kheria-Sabars. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Purulia annually, drawn by the scenic charms of Ajodhya Hills, Baghmundi, Turga Falls, Pakhi Pahar and Joychandi Pahar, perfect picnic spots like Baranti, Duarsini, Doladanga, and Jamuna, spectacular dams such as Panchet, PPSP Upper and Lower Dams, and Dawri Khal in Kesto Bazar Dam, and heritage locations like Gar Panchakot. Purulia is also the birthplace of the unique folk dance form known as Chhau, in which dancers perform wearing gigantic masks not seen anywhere else in the world. Since not all parts of the district are equally accessible or offer uniformly good accommodation, make sure you consult the Tourism Department before you go." Without exception, traditional styles tend to be heavily Indian, with little or no Western influences. Facial and physical features are often exaggerated to highlight expressions. Around the idol-making workshops, countless smaller stalls sell craft decorations, ornaments and weapons for the idols in gold and silver foil, glittering ‘zari’ and brocade, white shola, or even thermocol.