What is massArt?

A socio-cultural organisation working for the promotion and worldwide expansion of Bengal Art, Culture and Heritage.

What is Durga Puja Art?

The Art aspects which are inherent in Contemporary Durga Puja, Aristocrat Household (Bonedibari) Durga Puja and Traditional Durga Puja.

Why Preview Show of Durga Puja Art?

To showcase the spectacle of Durga Puja Art to foreign tourists, archives and galleries, students of art background and art loving, art related people who will witness it in Pre-Puja crowd-free Art venues.

How to see Preview Show of Durga Puja Art?

One has to log on to massArt website (www.massart.in) to get an Invitation QR Code that will give access to visit all the Art venues.

When to see Preview Show of Durga Puja Art?

The Preview Show of Durga Puja Art is a 3-days programme on 22, 23 & 24 September 2022.

What is the time schedule of Preview Show of Durga Puja Art?

The Preview Show 2022 of Durga Puja Art can be witnessed from 6PM to 5AM daily for 3 Days. The time duration in meant for viewing the Art spectacle in special illumination.

Where to see Preview Show of Durga Puja Art?

It is in the city of Kolkata. There is a GPS map in the QR code to provide you with locations of all Art venues.

Is there any allied support I can get?

Yes. You will get Attache’ & Narrators for convenience and communication. We have Travel Desk for Hotel and Cab and you have massArt helpline for any sort of support.

How can I move from one Art venue to another?

You have the options of conveyance like: App Cab/ Bus/Exclusive Car.

What is Making of Durga Puja Art Exhibition?

It is the live exhibition on the process and steps of creation of Durga Puja Art.
Exhibition Venue: Kolkata Town Hall.
Viewing Time: 12 noon to 6PM.